Assisting indivuals overcoming addiction and helping them, and their loved ones, receive the care and attention they need.

"Never let a problem to be solved become more important than a person to be loved."

- Thomas S. Monson

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Leaders and individuals turn to us when they...

Don't have enough time

Religious leadership have so many different issues to deal with in their congregations. We free up a Religious leadership time and help increase his productivity by allowing bishops to focus on the other needs of members, while Change My Heart helps members overcome pornography....

Not sure how to help

Our Change My Heart Program is developed and run by people who have struggled with the same issues and have overcome pornography. We hire recovered specialists who can relate to your members beause they have experienced similar situations.

Want daily contact

Change My Heart is a service for individuals in overcoming pornography and addiction. We provide daily support and weekly one-on-one meetings to educate and support each person through the process.

What Others Say About Us

The great thing about the gospel is we get credit for trying, even if we don’t always succeed.

Jeffery R. Holland

At Change My Heart, we believe each individual is of infinite worth no matter what mistakes they have made.

We believe through gaining new knowledge, practicing new skills, and relying on the Savior, we can overcome even the most difficult things in our lives. We believe that healing is possible through Jesus Christ, and that no matter how far we may think we have strayed, He will always love us no matter what.

Change My Heart is an educational coaching program, designed to assist bishops working with individuals, spouses and families in overcoming pornography. Based on sound principles found in 12 step programs, current research, and the Gospel, this program will educate individuals and families on what pornography is, how addictions develop, and how principles of healing and recovery can be applied in real life.

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